Secure Payments

When creating a software-hardware complex employees of JSC "International financial solutions" used the latest global developments and innovative technologies in the field of safety of electronic payments.

We can confidently say that used in the software and hardware system meets the highest standards, which guarantee the security of payments through the system AcquiroPay.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standart

The company is certified PCI DSS compliance the Deiteriy Company LTD .


AcquiroPay assigned Level 1 - the highest safety standard certification PCI DSS.


Secure Socket Layer

To transfer data using an SSL protocol version 3.0, allowing you to transfer data in encrypted form.

Enter your billing information is carried out on a secure payment page, which is an integral part of the system AcquiroPay. This protects the transmitted information from intruders and enemies of our customers and payers.

3-D Secure

Use of 3-D Secure technology that underlies the programs Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, provides full security of payment for both the payer and the store.

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AcquiroPay offers customers personalize your defense mechanisms to minimize the risks associated with unscrupulous taxpayers.

You can use any combination of protective mechanisms that are suitable for you. Managers of our company will provide the necessary assistance in setting up defense mechanisms. In the staff of the company JSC "International financial solutions" includes high-level professionals with solid experience in the field of risk management. The combination of technical protection measures and the work of our professionals to successfully prevent any fraudulent activity.


PreMonitoring implemented the system in automatic mode, ie, without the participation of specialists AcquiroPay, until the moment of sending the authorization request to the acquiring bank and includes dozens of different filters, which have wide settings for an individual approach to a particular type of internet business:

  • use black list constantly updated;
  • verification of the information specified by the payer to meet certain requirements;
  • comparison of the data indicated by the payer with the data from available databases as well as data calculated by software;
  • filters imposes restrictions on the frequency and the amount of the total number of authorizations for each individual plastic card, email-address or IP-address.

MaxMind Credit Card Fraud Detection

Tools MaxMind Credit Card Fraud Detection allow you to analyze the entire transaction flow and mark appropriately among them potentially fraudulent, or just suspicious transactions. Using this tool allows you to significantly reduce the level of potential fraud, respond quickly in the event of dangerous trends, and to identify risk factors, providing an effective strategy in the fight against fraud.

The system analyzes transactions on the following factors:

  • the use of open or anonymous proxy-servers; riskiness email address based on the domain;
  • compliance BIN credit card country specified payer bililng address;
  • respective countries listed payer billing address, country, determined by the IP-address;
  • definition of country and city by IP-address; certain distance from the billing address of the claimed prior to the actual defined by IP-address.


PostMonitoring comes after passing the stages PreMonitoring and MaxMind. Checking the transaction is carried out by specialists Processing Center AcquiroPay manually by analyzing the data obtained after the first two stages, as well as on the basis of their own experience and developments in the fight against fraud.

In case of detection of potentially fraudulent transactions AcquiroPay specialists analyzed the entire spectrum of information on this transaction. Identify a list of transactions related to fraudulent, according to certain parameters (email, IP-address, credit card number, name of payer). Based on the analysis of the set of all final parameters obtained by means of specialized systems, information from its own database, the parameters of the transaction, the specialist AcquiroPay render its decision on the level of risk of the transaction and further action.

To be most effective to combat fraudsters employees of JSC "International financial solutions" are ready to cooperate with the security of your company's prior approval regulations.

At the end of the whole complex of measures taken these transactions, recognized fraudulent (email, credit card number, IP-address) is entered in the STOP-list to prevent possible further transactions.

In making the right decision on each case helps primarily accumulated many years of experience in this field. Whereby experts Risk Department can promptly assess the totality of the parameters obtained from monitoring and within minutes to determine the aggregate level of risk of a particular transaction.

The monitoring system transactions AcquiroPay AntiFraud, like any other system of this level is constantly being improved and upgraded with all the latest trends in e-commerce, as well as the newest technologies in the field of combating fraud.