Вопрос: What connection methods do you have?


We can offer:


  • Direct integration to your online retailer
  • Virtual terminal
  • Mail payment method without integration or ready-made solution for the most popular CMS systems


We pay individual attention to each business type and have ready-made technical decision for different sectors. Refer to our services and facilities, request an application and wait for our manager call to advise you the most relevant connection method.


Вопрос: My company provides consultation (other) service. I don’t have online retailer, but I own company’s website. Can I accept e-commerce payments?

Yes, you can use Mail payment method. Invoices for payment are issued by means of emailing to your customer.

Вопрос: How does your payment page look like? Can it be customized to my website?

Yes, we can customize payment page to your e-commerce retailer.

Вопрос: Can I look through your API?

You will receive API after getting your application approval from acquiring bank.

Вопрос: Can I use payment page for mobile application of my e-commerce retailer? How can I integrate payment page into device application?

Yes, you can but mobile device must maintain HTTP TLS/SSL (HTTPS) protocol of 128 bit keys. 

Вопрос: What should I do if customer initiated chargeback?

Our specialists help to dispute chargebacks and get money back.

Вопрос: How can I refund transaction back to customer?


You can use both to make refund – Acquiropay merchant interface and API.


Вопрос: Can I make partial refunds? When money will be returned back to cardholder’s account?

Yes, you can. Usually it takes 2-3 days to get money back to cardholder’s account, it depends on issuer bank.

Вопрос: Sometimes cardholders run into problems with card payments. Is there any way to help them?

Yes, there is. We can offer Virtual Terminal for self-contained payment upon cardholder’s permission. You will receive access to client interface to put card details and make payment. You will have statistics and reports on such payments.

Вопрос: Как происходит редирект на платежные страницы альтернативных платежных систем (таких как Яндекс.Деньги, PayPal): с сайта интернет-магазина и/или сначала с сайта интернет-магазина в систему AcquiroPay, а потом на сайт платежной системы?

Мы поддерживаем оба варианта редиректа на сайты платежных систем. Вы можете выбрать подходящий вам вариант в момент технической интеграции.

Вопрос: Is it possible to make payment with the card issued by foreign bank?

 Yes, it’s possible.

Вопрос: Can foreigners make payments with credit cards?

Yes, they can.

Вопрос: Is it possible to hold transaction amount? What should I do then?

Yes, you can hold transaction amount for 30 days. You can also release or charge transaction amount before these 30 days.

Вопрос: Do you have maximum and minimum transaction amount limits?

We set limits according your business sector. You should understand that limits are aimed at higher credit card payment safety.

Вопрос: Is it possible to get transaction reports from Acquiropay?

Yes, you can receive transaction reports as well as you can find all real-time transactions using your user account.

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